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Silver can also be viewed as a safe haven, similar to Gold, during times of uncertainty

Financial Data is displayed for informational purposes only. Precious Metals International DOES NOT conduct transactions in FUTURES CONTRACTS, OPTIONS ON FUTURES CONTRACTS, SECURITIES or CURRENCIES. Financial Data may be inaccurate and/or delayed.

The above are spot valuations. The spot price of precious metals is a market indicator that essentially reflects the price for the precious metal commodity based upon immediate delivery. It can be construed as the theoretical value of the metal before it is converted into a bar, coin, or any other physical form. The price for most every form of physical precious metals bullion is at least loosely based on the current spot price. This can give both buyers and sellers an indication as to what the current market value of the metal is. Current prices for PMI's Bulk Bullion Physical Precious Metals products can be viewed by visiting the “Bullion” links.

Start your bullion portfolio with us

PMI Bullion Premium

Since 2001 we have been witnessing the beginning stages of the longest Bull Market in Precious Metals prices in the history of their pricing in U.S. Dollars. This Bull Market is expected by most major analysts to continue for many years to come taking prices to levels never before seen and difficult to fathom for non-believers.

Why invest in Precious Metals?

Throughout history physical precious metals have been characterized by their ability to save and preserve value. The purchasing power of a physical precious metal product has not only been maintained, but has increased over time. Many respected analysts anticipate that the value of these products could multiply in the coming years, which could generate wealth in a secure and efficient manner. Today, one of the best ways to preserve capital and secure a more stable financial future, despite the global economic environment, is diversification in physical precious metals.

Why invest in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum or palladium?

Why invest with PMI

Reasons for invest with PMI in precious metals: Wealth, future and safety

With PMI you can take immediate delivery, either to your home or into your account with PMI and:

  1. Buy and Sell in all worldwide markets, plus the ability to place stop orders.
  2. Store and diversify at independent, insured, allocated and secure depositories worldwide.
  3. Trade in 1-oz increments at wholesale prices and have instant liquidity of your product.
  4. Take delivery of your product at any of our storage partners at any time.

Who We Are

Precious Metals International, Ltd. (PMI) is a leading wholesale provider of physical precious metals bullion products including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. All products are of Hallmark refineries and exchange approved to trade in all worldwide markets. PMI only offers physical bullion and does not deal in futures, options, securities or derivatives. Most jurisdictions do not require special licensing to trade physical bullion.

PMI is a provider of Physical Precious Metals bullion products: Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

How We Work

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium purchased through PMI are physical

All products purchased through PMI are physical and ready for immediate delivery to the client’s appointed destination, whether it is his or her residence or a personal safety deposit box. PMI retains storage contracts with the world's most respected valuables assurance companies such as Brinks, IDS, Strategic Wealth Preservation, Loomis, Malca-Amit among others, thereby giving the client the ability and option to store and maintain their product in alternate locations. The product is always available for sale or for access to a line of credit using the product as collateral. Not available to US Clients.

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Diversify in Bullion and Store Offshore

Purchase and Store your Gold Bars in Switzerland to help Protect your Portfolio against geopolitical and financial instability.

Diversify your portfolio with One ounce Gold Bars minted by Valcambi Suisse. Every Valcambi Suisse bar is fabricated with the logo of their maker and numbered with an individual serial number for easy verification of weight, purity and authenticity.

One ounce Gold Bars are the most popular weights in the industry, they are convenient for transporting and easily stored.

These 1 Kilo Argor Bars are crafted by Argor-Heraeus SA, a company with more than 66 years of history in Switzerland and one of the world’s largest processors of precious metals.

These bars contain 1 kilo (32.15 oz) of .999 fine silver and are one of the easiest ways to store and transport precious metals. Every bar can be easily recognized and identified by the Argor-Heraeus SA logo, the purity and weight measurements and a unique serial number to guarantee its authenticity.

These bars are available for your purchase and may be stored for your convenience and safety in certified vaults in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Purchase One ounce gold bars in Switzerland Purchase One kilo fine Silver bars crafted by Argor-Heraeus SA
Establish Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts investing in precious metals

Precious Metals IRA

PMI is pleased to provide US Citizens and Legal Residents of the US with the opportunity to establish Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts, designed specifically for the ownership and storage of the US Government, Internal Revenue Service approved Precious Metals Bullion and Coin Products.

Precious Metals RRSP

PMI also provides Canadian Citizens and legal residents the ability to take control of their retirement by establishing a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). An RRSP is a retirement account created by the Canadian Government to help you build a nest egg for your future.

Precious Metals Offshore IRA

PMI is pleased to offer clients with the opportunity to establish a Self Directed Precious Metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with New Direction IRA Inc. Self-directed IRAs have existed since the inception of the Traditional IRA in the mid-1970s. The IRS has always allowed IRAs to purchase any asset except life insurance and collectibles

PMI announces partnership with Netcoins

Crypto-enthusiasts are getting excited about Bullion

PMI can now accept cryptocurrency as payment by clients utilizing Netcoins’ OTC desk.

Exchange your Crypto for physical Gold and Silver for immediate delivery to your appointed instructions, or to your account with PMI for live trading, safekeeping, diversification among several bullion-friendly jurisdictions, and instant liquidity.

PMI has access to bullion markets in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, China, and the Cayman Islands, and offers its products and services through independent broker-dealers across the world.

Find Policy Statement, risk disclosure statements and more PMI legal documents
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2.Risk Disclosure Statements
3.Customer Account Terms And Conditions
4.Frequently Asked Questions
5.Managing Ownership

Bulk Bullion in 1 oz Increments

Bulk Bullion refers to Bullion product held through PMI’s Bulk Bullion Custody Service and represents an interest in non-allocated Bulk Bullion holdings. It is NOT a certificate, grant or endowment convertible to Bullion. Bulk Bullion holdings comprise a mix of various Bullion holdings maintained at major institutions (please ask about our Depository Relationships). Customer holdings can be traded in 1-ounce increments. PMI does not maintain short positions, does not trade futures, does not trade options, and does not lease Bullion. Bulk Bullion Custody holdings offer customers a flexible and cost-effective way to invest in Precious Metals. Holding positions in Bulk Bullion form improves liquidity and provides fair pricing in all market conditions. Of course, upon payment of applicable differences in premiums, shipping and handling fees, customers can convert their Bulk Bullion holdings to allocated specific types of Bars or Coins and take delivery at any time. PMI Bulk Bullion is not available to US Clients.


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