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Precious Metals International, Ltd. (PMI) (www.pmi.ky) today announces the birth of a new partnership with Netcoins (www.gonetcoins.com) in the bullion-cryptocurrency-sphere.

Financial Data is displayed for informational purposes only. Precious Metals International DOES NOT conduct transactions in FUTURES CONTRACTS, OPTIONS ON FUTURES CONTRACTS, SECURITIES or CURRENCIES. Financial Data may be inaccurate and/or delayed.

The above are spot valuations. The spot price of precious metals is a market indicator that essentially reflects the price for the precious metal commodity based upon immediate delivery. It can be construed as the theoretical value of the metal before it is converted into a bar, coin, or any other physical form. The price for most every form of physical precious metals bullion is at least loosely based on the current spot price. This can give both buyers and sellers an indication as to what the current market value of the metal is. Current prices for PMI's Bulk Bullion Physical Precious Metals products can be viewed by visiting the “Bullion” links.

Precious Metals International Announces Partnership with Netcoins Vancouver, June 5, 2019

Precious Metals International Announces Partnership with Netcoins
Crypto-enthusiasts are getting excited about Bullion.

Netcoins develops software used by companies such as PMI to facilitate the buying and selling of cryptocurrency. Netcoins also operates an Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading desk which gives select users access to high volume trades.

With this announced partnership, investors and mass consumers are set to benefit as PMI can now accept cryptocurrency as payment by clients utilizing Netcoins OTC desk. Orders are cleared immediately upon being marked paid, which usually occurs inside of one (1) business day. Once the order is marked paid, your payment has been processed, and the funds are available for the purchase of Precious Metals Bullion like Gold and Silver for immediate delivery to the client’s appointed instructions, or to the client’s account with PMI for safekeeping, diversification among several bullion-friendly jurisdictions, and instant liquidity.

Netcoins is publicly traded (CSE: NETC | OTC: GARLF | WKN: 1WJ) – giving the investor and Broker an additional layer of security and transparency. Netcoins is fully compliant and has a team of highly experienced traders on board. In business since 2001, PMI is based in George Town, Cayman Islands. PMI provides trading and wholesale services for products such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The company offers the ability to trade in worldwide markets, place stop orders while trading in one-ounce increments at wholesale prices. The company has maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

PMI standing as an industry leader and wholesale provider is attractive to both investors and brokers seeking fast, time-tested, and proven methodologies for purchasing and selling physical bullion products such as gold and silver.

The company has access to bullion markets in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, China, and the Cayman Islands, and offers its products and services through independent broker-dealers across the world.

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